100 Things to Do in Madison
Before You Die

100-things-cover-smallWisconsin tradition and natural beauty meet political activity and a constant influx of new ideas in the cool college town of Madison. Starting from the city’s center—the State Capitol, set between two gorgeous lakes—downtown bustles with restaurants, breweries, theaters, galleries, shops, startups, and more, then segues into the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, where 40,000-plus Badgers pursue studies and Jump Around on football Saturdays. The city spreads out to eclectic neighborhoods and parks, then on to small towns, rolling farmland, and forests. It’s a smart, family-friendly, come-as-you-are place, with far more than 100 things to do in any of its four distinctly extreme seasons. Please consider this book your starting point for exploring this vibrant, independently spirited city.

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100 Things to Do in Madison Before You Die
By Katie Vaughn
Reedy Press, 2017